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Adrien, a French craftsman, embarked on his career in Paris with Jean Louis David in 1999. After three years, his talent led him to become an educator and salon owner. Mastering various skills, he mentored hundreds of hairstylists, created hair looks for magazines and fashion designers, developed hair care products, and designed artistic pieces made of hair.

In 2004, Adrien joined the renowned French company Dessange Paris, working as an educator, hairstylist for editorial photoshoots and runways. Continuing to refine his artistic skills, he became the Lead Stylist for projects in Paris, Saint Tropez, Lyon, Nice, and Cannes, including the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2010, Franck Provost Paris called upon Adrien to be the Lead Stylist and manager of one of their new salons.

Seeking new experiences and inspirations, Adrien moved to California, USA, in 2012.

His recent endeavors include working at the luxurious Kosa Salon in San Francisco’s trendy Marina District, in Sonoma and Burlingame

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